Google Android Bots Revisited

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Terry Majamaki

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On February 18, 2012
Last modified:August 14, 2012


Revisiting the Google Android Bots Couple wallpaper from my original post with a more enhanced and larger version of the original. Official Google Android Bots, mini collectables, available for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, and now for Facebook Timeline Cover.

Google Android Bots CoupleRecently I picked up a copy of Adobe Lightroom to use for color correcting and adjusting my photographs. I played around with a few older photos, one of them being the Google Android Bots Couple from a series of Google Android Bots I posted back in October of 2011.

The original ones I posted were great, but after putting more attention into the detail and adjusting in Lightroom I think the colors and vibrancy of this version is better than the original one. Thus I thought it is worth posting this updated version for you to enjoy. In addition to the updated version this one is available in the new larger sizes; 3360×2100 for desktops, 2048×2048 for the new iPad 3 screen resolutions, and the same 640×960 for iPhones. In addition I’m also starting to provide Facebook Timeline Cover size at 851×315. I hope you enjoy it!



Do you have any of the Google bots? Please feel free to share your thoughts below, thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the revisited desktop!

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