Blue Moon

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Terry Majamaki

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On September 1, 2012
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To celebrate the rare blue moon occurrence that happened this August I went out to photograph the full blue moon.

Blue MoonLast night was the so-called blue moon, technically it is no different from every other full moon we experience other than getting a full moon twice in one month.  August 2012 happen to be that month, we had a full moon on the first of August and now another full moon on the last day of August. The term blue moon comes from the saying “Once in a blue moon” which is due to the rarity of this occurrence, the next time we’ll be experiencing a blue moon will be in 2015.

Regardless of it not being blue, it still was a beautiful night for a full moon.

Photographing the moon can be a challenge, often it just turns out as a big white glowing dot that simply looks like someone pointed a flashlight at you in pitch black darkness. After a bit of searching around online, I found a site that explains how to properly take photos of the moon and actually have it looking like the moon!

Using my Sigma 70-300mm lens on my Nikon D5100 I was able to get some pretty impressive shots. However when fully zoomed in the quality isn’t as good as I would have liked, I need to invest in a better zoom lenses. However when scaled down and a little adjusting in Lightroom the moon looks surprisingly good. To honor the blue moon celebration I gave it a slight blue hue but not too much as I prefer it to be more believable. I’ve made the usual wallpaper sizes available for download for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Facebook Cover. I hope you enjoy my version of the blue moon!

Download Blue Moon

Did you get to experience the blue moon? Get any good photographs? Please feel free to share in the comments below and I hope you enjoy using this blue moon on your screens.

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