November Rain

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Terry Majamaki

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This morning after a break in the november rain I stepped out into the yard and captured a few photographs of water drops on our trees, plants, and vegetables. A few of them turned out decent enough to use as wallpapers.

It’s been a while since my last wallpaper post. I’ve been distracted with a few things in life. Today we got a nice rainy day. I’ve missed the rain and welcome the Fall and Winter weather this season. Today reminds me of my time living in Seattle. We’d get nice rainy days like this for weeks at a time, which would drive some people nuts, but I always embraced the weather and appreciated it for what it was.

Living in southern California we get spoiled by the endless sunny days and lack of real rain or seasonal weather. So when we do get it, it feels great. This morning after a break in the rain I stepped out into the yard and captured a few photographs of water drops on our trees, plants, and vegetables. Here are three of them that turned out nice enough to use as wallpapers or screen savers for your desktop, iPad, iPhone (now in iPhone 5 size) and Facebook cover. I hope you enjoy them.

Olive November Rain Branch

November Rain Olive BranchA few years back we planted an olive tree in our back yard. I love olive trees, and this tree is beautiful, easily one of my favorite trees in our yard. Today with the rain and wind, the top branches were blown over showing off the silver color under the rich dark green leaves. This photo shows the combination of the olive branch rich dark green leaves mixed with the silver under leaf color all coated in water drops from the rain shower.

Download November Rain Olive Branch

Desktop iPad iPhone iPhone (Landscape) Facebook

November Rain Greens

November Rain GreensDuring a stop at my local hardware and nursery store last week I picked up a few winter veggies to plant into the soil for the Fall and Winter months. While I haven’t planted them yet, they did enjoy the nice rain. This photo captures the vibrant purple veins and rich green leaves covered in water drops. I love the color combination contrasted with the earthy fall colors from the soil in the blurred out background.

Download November Rain Greens

Desktop iPad iPhone iPhone (Landscape) Facebook

November Rain Succulent

November Rain SucculentEarlier this year, I thought this succulent was going to die, for some reason it went from having 3 nice big pods of succulents to non, and then over the last few months, it started a new one from what looked like a dead branch and now its growing nice and strong. I love how it captures and holds water on the leaves and in between the leaves. This one is trying to focus on two spots, the top and middle areas where water has gathered into little pools. It creates a very surreal look.

Download November Rain Succulent

Desktop iPad iPhone iPhone (Landscape) Facebook

Download November Rain

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