Sunrise Buddha

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Review of: Sunrise Buddha
Terry Majamaki

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On April 24, 2012
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After visiting the Hsi Lai Temple and snapping off a few photos, one photo of a Buddha head turned out nice, I combined it with a sunrise photo I took a few days ago running to make a unique Sunrise Buddha wallpaper to download for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Facebook Cover.

Sunrise BuddhaToday we visited the Hsi Lai Temple to pray and enjoy their vegan lunch. While we were there I snapped off a few photos with my Nexus One phone. Surprisingly the one I took of the large Buddha head in the parking lot turned out really good. I imported the photo into Adobe Lightroom for some color correction and apply an aged treatment to it, then I brought it into Adobe Photoshop and had the idea of blending it with a sunrise photo I took from my run a few days ago. Sure enough, after a few minutes of playing around with the two images I ended up with this version that I really liked.

While it is very simple, the combination of the two images and rich sunrise colors makes it very relaxing and soothing.

So here you go, Sunrise Buddha, I made wallpaper versions that you can download for your desktop, iPad, iPhone, and Facebook Cover. The iPad and iPhone versions look exceptionally good on the beautiful retina displays. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to share!



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