Looby and Amber

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Terry Majamaki

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A little bit of history about our bearded dragons, Looby and Amber, plus two fantastic photos for your desktop, ipad, or iphone.

LoobyShortly after Jenny and I moved into our first home, Ryan had talked Jenny into coming home with a bearded dragon from the pet store. The bearded dragons are a mellow breed of lizards that originates from the Australian deserts, officially known as Pogona lizards. We named him Looby, after our good friend Brian Looby. They are fantastic pets, very docile and family friendly.

Then some time later, Jenny and Ryan came home with another one, a female bearded dragon. It was during the fire season and we had wild fires all around the Santa Clarita Valley that day, so Amber was a fitting name since we were surrounded by smoke and ash which turned the skys into a rich amber color.

AmberAs we got to know each one, their own unique personalities start to show. Looby would love to be petted and have his beard stroked, while Amber would prefer to not be touched too much, she liked her space, often in a corner. Yet both enjoyed being around us in the house and especially in the back yard.

To communicate they would bob their heads up and down, but when excited their beards would turn black and expand making them look bigger, more importantly the males did a combination of this when trying to impress the females to mate. The two then mated and Amber laid eggs 3 or 4 times, a lot of eggs, like 20 to 30. However we only had 1 that hatched and survived. Once it was big enough we gave him to a neighbor who’s kids were always hanging out with Ryan and our lizards.

We would always let them hang out in our home on the window sill, or in the back yard to soak up the warm sun. At times Jenny would even bring the most mellow one, Looby, to the pool and it would draw in all the kids who would want to pet the cool lizard. A few years back both of our bearded dragons passed away. First it Looby, and then several months later Amber.

Lately I’ve had them in my thoughts… I miss them. In looking through some of the photos of Looby and Amber, I thought it would be nice to make a few dekstops. These two images seemed perfect. I hope you enjoy these images for your desktop, iPad, or iPhone.



Do you or have you had a bearded dragon? Please feel free to share your thoughts below and thanks for reading.

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